About BCDN

Bondo Community Development Network (BCDN) established in 2013, is a community specific youth network working in Bondo District.We work with youths from the 25 sub-locations in Bondo District to reduce poverty and conserve our environment. BCDN is an independent youth network with no political and religious affiliation.

How We Work

BCDN employs bottom-up development approach. We initiate our projects from the village level to the District level. Youths are in control of all BCDN’s projects from the villages to the District. At the village level we have youths coming together under Youth Community Developers who are nominated village youth leaders representing all genders. Each village in Bondo District has 1 male and 1 female Youth Community Developers.

From the villages our work progresses to the sub-location level where youths are organized under Youth Ambassadors. We have 2 Youth Ambassadors: 1 male and 1 female per sub-location in Bondo District.

At the District level we have a panel made up of professional advisors, Development Leaders and Youth Ambassadors. It is at this stage that we deliberate on youth ideas, community challenges, unexploited opportunities, practical solutions and design viable projects to respond to poverty and environmental challenges affecting Bondo District.

Where We Work

Our work covers 25 sub-locations in Bondo District:

Usenge, Got Agulu, Mahanga, Nyang’oma, Ndeda/Oyamo, Uyawi, Nyaguda, Got Abiero, East Migwena, West Migwena, Usigu, Got Ramogi, Bar-Kanyango, Nyamonye, Othach, Pala, Utonga, Kapiyo, Maranda, Usire, Nyawita, Bar-Kowino, Ajigo, Bar-Chando and Abom.




Talent Nurture

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