Luo Cultural tours

Luo cultural tour:

Luo tribe in Kenya lives along Lake Victoria. The Luo community is made up of different clans with one common language called Dholuo.


Community: Luo
Duration: 7 days
Accommodation: Community family home stay
Meals: local dishes
Dates of travel: flexible throughout the year
Minimum pax: individual and groups accepted


Day 1:  Nairobi – Bondo – Luo village
You will leave Nairobi to Bondo at 8 am in the morning for a long but exciting drive with a lot of beautiful landscapes to view on your way such as the Rift Valley viewpoint. At the arrival in the village, you will be treated to Luo traditional songs and dances before an overnight in your new family.

Day 2: Experience Luo Customs
You wake up to a wonderful view of Lake Victoria. Assimilation into Luo way of life begins with categorization of duties according to your gender as it is in Luo communities: ladies will help in preparation of breakfast while men will help in other masculine duties like taking care of domestic animals. You will then be taken through Luo customs while taking your nature walk and visiting unique sites associated with Luo culture, you will also have a chance to familiarize with the local people and traditional social life set up.

Day 3:  Nature walk and traditional songs

After your breakfast and morning domestic chores with your host family, you will have a short drive to “Got Ramogi” where the Luo believe their ancestors first settled in Kenya. Here you will enjoy your walk and have lunch before Luo traditional entertainment follows. You will view some of the instruments and attires used in various traditional music and dances and have an opportunity to try playing some of the instruments.

Day 4: Boating
Today is your turn to steal the show and introduce your host Luo family to your way of life back at home and prepare your favourite breakfast and serve the entire family. Thereafter, you will go for half day boating in Lake Victoria. In the afternoon, you will be treated to local Luo traditional meals and learn how to prepare common Luo dishes.

Day 5: A visit to an Eco-tourism centre
Everyone wishes the world to be a good place for the current and future generations thus today after your breakfast you will help in our new ecotourism project by planting or maintaining the existing trees and suggesting other new areas of improvement. This will probably last for a better part of the day.

Your afternoon will be one of its kind as you will have a wonderful opportunity to tour your neighbourhood and intermingle with the local community members. This is a good time to make new friends and initiate a short activity of your choice.

Day 6: Adventure in Lake Victoria

Early morning after your breakfast, you will have a long day adventure in Lake Victoria and enjoy visiting her beautiful islands of Oyamo (where British Colonial Government banished critics to serve jail sentences), Saga and Ndeda; however, special arrangements can be made on request for cultural tour programme to include:

Simbi Nyaima (mythical lake) 

Homa Hills (active fissures emitting steam)

Rusinga/Mfang’ano Islands and

Ruma National Park

Day 7: Sending off
You will leave Bondo by 8 am After breakfast drive back to Nairobi to arrive in the evening.

Luo History

The Luo tribe in Kenya is a subgroup of the larger Luo community that spans across Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan, Congo and Ethiopia.

The Luo tribe is Nilotic tribe descended from pastoral nomads who migrated from Southern Sudan to the land around Lake Victoria near the end of the 15th Century. They migrated in at least five waves starting approximately 1500 AD.

There are religious intermediaries among the Luo. These include medicine men, diviners, witches and sorcerers. The Luo were introduced to Christianity when the first missionaries arrived on Africa’s east coast. Traditional religious beliefs have fiercely clashed with the Christian gospel. The Catholic and the Anglican churches brought in some social and religious instability among the Luos, especially in their polygamous marriage lifestyle. The social life of the Luo was strictly governed by taboos, rites and regulation before the coming of the Christian religion.








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