Nothing relaxes the mind more than a nature walk. We provide you with a wide choice in nature tourism where you get an opportunity to travel through nature and help us conserve and restore important natural landscapes in Bondo including wildlife and cultural values of these lands.

Eco-tourism is our new and young initiative in Bondo and has a high potential of changing the lives of most rural communities here through extensive environmental conservation and wildlife watching.

Bondo is not known for tourism activities and the local population highly tolerates frequent killings of wildlife. Our work is to protect the lives of wild animals which have managed to escape the eyes of illegal game hunters in the region. Bondo was once home to a lot of wildlife but the current situation is nothing to boast of since most animals have been killed and the future generation is at risk of not seeing such animals like antelopes, gazelles, monkeys, hyenas among other animals at risk of complete extinction from the region.

We currently concentrate on eco-lodging, agro-tourism, community development and eco treks including rafting, bird watching and sailing.


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