Environmental Conservation

We work together with community members to protect our forest areas, develop new forests, plant valuable trees including those with medicinal value, contribute in both liquid and solid waste management and protect eco-systems.

Bondo District experiences myriad environmental challenges due to the high level of poverty in the region. Most forest cover on hill tops have been encroached on for timber and charcoal burning. The lake shores are too not spared as sand harvesting rises.


Gold mining in areas like Wagusu in West Migwena sub-location exposes local community members to dangers; deep open pits for example, may cause accidents leading to disabilities and even deaths. Poor disposal of remains of mercury is likely to cause respiratory problems.

Brick making and pottery has greatly led to deforestation and erosion due to bareness of the soil and destruction of the landscape.

These are some of the challenges that we have to deal with putting in mind that the District is developing thus the earlier these issues are resolved, the better for the entire Bondo community.


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