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Luo and Kiswahili language Study

The inhabitants of Bondo are mainly from the Luo tribe of Kenya. They speak Dholuo as their first language and Kiswahili as Kenya’s national language while English remains an official language. Majority of Luos living in Bondo are relatively good English speakers and enjoy speaking in English as compared to Swahili language.

Through studying Luo and Swahili language we provide opportunity to those who would like to widen their knowledge of African societies.

Enjoy a minimum of one month studying Luo and Kiswahili language with a host family. You will have a maximum of twenty hours weekly for your language study while the remaining free time each day will allow you to visit other areas we work in.

We experience different cultures which may bring about unity or division amongst ourselves. Cultures vary greatly from one society to the other; “good” may be “bad” in another society and “bad” may be “good” in the other. Learning a different language and culture exposes you to the world full of diversity and may enhance your skills where you least expect.

Our aim is to encourage international English speaking students to interact with other local Kenyan students and learn Luo language and culture and at the same time teach English to school going children in Bondo District. English speaking students interested in learning Kiswahili as their additional language will get an opportunity to do so in a friendly climate under well trained and qualified Kiswahili teachers from the region.

Students will highly benefit from this programme as it may prepare them for taking up a job opportunity in Kiswahili speaking countries. This is also a wonderful opportunity to expand your intercultural knowledge and widen your networks.

This programme is also available for other volunteers who wish to socialize and befriend local community members without having to learn any language.

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