Talent Nurtures

Many youths in Bondo District possess a great wealth of wasted talents especially in football. Over many decades in Kenya, talent has never been given attention it deserves and most young people cannot use their talents to change their social and economic lives.

Most young talents end up wasted leaving majority of the youths frustrated and demoralized.
We have endless opportunities for our volunteers who are keen on sports; whether football, netball, rugby, basketball, cricket, hockey, volleyball, athletics or perhaps just a simple game of tag.

Our volunteer projects offer you the chance to work as a sports coach in rural villages football academies, schools, helping with PE lessons, organizing clubs, matches or sports days.

The common sports are football, volleyball, netball and basketball but facilities and playing grounds are not very modern in areas we work in. Schools and local community members are keen for volunteers to run clubs and school teams; and it is a great way of building friendships and identifying young talents.

We and the people we work with are very flexible and allow our volunteers to introduce new games or nurture already existing skills and talents in sports of your choice.


That is not all we have in store for you, talent is not all about sports! Is drama, music, poetry or art your area of interest? Then consider sharing your creative talents on a volunteer project with us.  We offer you a lasting chance to learn and teach music, art and dance in different cultures and languages.

We operate in remote villages with limited materials thus many volunteers take some basics with them but most items can be purchased locally. Our volunteers learn local songs and dances in schools and also teach English songs and plays.  Music is a big part of Luo traditions and culture.


Talent Nurture

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